If you have been on Twitter for more than the past couple of years and followed politics in any regard you likely came across Katie McHugh. Katie worked at Breitbart during the alt-right’s so-called rise in media and spent a good deal of time writing in her own words, ‘racist and bigoted tweets.’

This editor may have even had a run in or two with her …

BuzzFeed wrote an entire piece about McHugh and how she has officially left the alt-right. The piece itself isn’t terrible except for the fact the author pretends McHugh was far more important in Conservative media than she really was, LIKELY in an attempt to paint all outlets with the same broad brush.

From BuzzFeed:

Her story is also about something that has ended. The events she described to me took place mostly between 2013 and 2017, a span of time in which the alt-right rose and fell dramatically as it attempted to go mainstream. “There was a move to have people in the system who were our guys, so to speak,” said Richard Spencer, the white nationalist leader who has made himself the poster boy for the alt-right. “I think that’s failed on a number of levels.” All they’d gotten, he said, were “just a lot of people who just hang out in the conservative movement and don’t accomplish anything.”

But the legacy of this period — the racism, the spread of white nationalist ideas online, and the murder in Charlottesville, Virginia — will affect American politics for a long time to come.

And yet she had so little to do with actual Conservatism or the Right.

That. ^

And that^. So much THAT. ^

True story.

Fair question and we have no idea.

Her pals in the ‘movement’ aren’t exactly thrilled with her tell-all.


One of our very favorites on Twitter, @AG_Conservative, perhaps threaded it best:

Fair enough.

He’s far more forgiving than this editor.


The part about Brandon Darby is awesome; that alone is reason enough to read the whole thing.

McHugh was not so much an integral part of Conservative media, as the article in a roundabout way claims, but more like a convenient fringe for the Left to use when pretending all people on the Right and especially in Conservative media are racists and bigots.

And clearly, she did far more harm than good.


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