Jacob Wohl succeeded … in uniting the right and the left against his sneaky, corrupt, lying little a**. Talk about doing more damage to Republicans and specifically to President Trump than any Democrat or Leftist ever could.

Seriously, just a schmuck.

From The Hill Reporter:

A man purporting to be the real college student named Hunter Kelly described a situation in which he was set up and coerced to take part in a scheme to frame Democratic candidate for president Pete Buttigieg.

The plot is detailed extensively through reporting from The Daily Beast, in which a second unnamed Republican source confirms that he, too, was contacted by Burkman and Wohl to take part in the scheme to accuse Buttigieg, falsely, of sexual assault.

The plan, which Kelly described in detail within a press release and further recounted in private messages he made directly with HillReporter.com, was to accuse Buttigieg of sexual assault through social media posts and a press conference, in which Kelly would level the accusations against the Democratic candidate, at the behest of infamous internet troll Jacob Wohl and conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman.

But here’s the ‘best’ part:

He added that “[Wohl] told me this was a ‘task force’ set up by the Donald Trump administration to slightly push back the progress of Democratic candidate (and Trump’s only true contender) Peter Buttigieg.”


Which is why so many of us called BS when we first heard the story but we digress.

Disgraceful is putting it nicely.


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