Has someone been slipping Paul Krugman paint chips?

You can tell us …

What in the wild wild world of sports is THIS nonsense?

Democrats are a bit too far to the right.

On what planet?!

Good grief, he’s fanboying over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, isn’t he?

Republicans play identity politics.


You know the face you make when something is so absolutely bizarre and unbelievable that you think MAYBE Ashton Kutcher has brought back the show, ‘Punked’? Yup, just made that face.

Well sure, there are always going to be more Pauls than Peters when you promise you’ll rob Peter to pay Paul.

D’s have the upper hand because of socialism?

Yeah, we’re asking a lot of questions because this is just absolutely and completely batsh*t, even from Paul Krugman.

Sure, THAT’S the problem.

That’s what the Left DOES. Everything is about color, sex, creed, preference, ability, persuasion … when was the last time you heard a Democrat actually talk about an issue WITHOUT making a reference to identity?

And then they realize nothing is ever really free and start voting for Republicans.

Beyond delusional.

And clearly lost his marbles.

Trump may have finally actually driven Paul crazy.


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