Pete Buttigieg has been feuding with Mike Pence now for weeks … in his head.

We have yet to see Mike even acknowledge Pete, let alone condemn his sexuality or try and harm anyone in the LGBTQ community but hey, whatever makes Pete feel important.


What the bloody Hell is Pete talking about?

You know what, don’t answer that.

That’s not the word WE had in mind for him but ok.

Pretty much.


He hasn’t. But someone somewhere said that one thing and the Left ran with it. So much of their outrage about all things is based on fiction and lies that it’s almost impossible to convince them of reality so instead, we just make fun of them.

It’s a living.

Right? Pete, dude, what’s your platform? Enough fighting with someone who doesn’t really care about your sexuality one way or another and start talking about what you’ll do that’s different from the other crazy Democrats running.

Mike probably doesn’t give Pete a thought one way or the other.



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