Wow. We’ve been watching the media spin, spin, and spin some more since Trump won in 2016, but HOLY MOLY they have kicked it into overdrive with this Ilhan Omar debacle. Still waiting for someone to point out that Omar could have avoided ALL of this if she had just apologized from the get-go instead of deflecting and pretending her comments weren’t her fault.

It’s all beyond annoying and disrespectful.

Which is probably why the media is working so hard to defend her.


You know what, we can’t even.


We’re all POUNCING!

Here a pounce, there a pounce, everwhere a POUNCE POUNCE.




So much pouncing.

All the pouncing in fact.

The media need to frame the Right as unhinged about this, that it’s somehow not Ilhan’s fault that she said something so gross. Just those crazy right-wingers again who hate Muslims blah blah blah … that’s exactly what they sound like.

Told ya’.

Ain’t THAT the truth?


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