This story from The Onion was a HUMDINGER.

We’re still laughing in fact, because it’s JUST that hilarious.

Oh, wait, it’s from The Hill who quoted a story from The New York Times.

When you can’t tell the media from a parody you know they’re too far gone. Look at this nonsense.



From The Hill:

President Trump reportedly publicly revived an earlier proposal to release migrants in sanctuary cities in part to distract from lingering questions about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, according to The New York Times.

Shortly after news broke that the administration had rejected the idea, Trump sent a series of tweets claiming it was still being considered. Trump has deliberately escalated his language to enliven his base since the Mueller investigation’s conclusion, according to the Times.

You know the face you make when the person at the front of the checkout line at the grocery store starts writing a check? Just made that face. And c’mon, how is moving illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities ‘attacking’ them? Haven’t Democrats been telling us for years and years how beneficial illegal immigrants are to our communities? What’s the big deal here, folks?




Don’t you know they CAN’T?!

It’s all they know.


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