As Twitchy reported, Ilhan Omar used comments Bush made just days after 9/11 to defend herself and her disrespectful comments about the largest terror attack ever to take place on American soil. She was trying to pretend Bush was as thoughtless as she was with his comments, and as you know, this didn’t go well for Ilhan.

At. All.

Democrats have a real problem here but we don’t expect them to do anything about it anytime soon. What, another useless, empty apology that changes nothing? James Gagliano had perhaps the most powerful tweet of the day regarding her cheap stunt.

So in other words, sit down.

What a disrespectful harpy she is. No words. Unreal how horrible this was.

Imagine being a New Yorker NOW and watching this junior rep saying and tweeting this stupid crap about 9/11.

So powerful.

And she exploited it.

The fact that Ilhan doesn’t understand this speaks volumes about who she really is and NONE of it’s good.


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