CNN seems to be doing their best to pretend they didn’t play a part in pushing the collusion dumpster fire over the past two years that looks like a big ol’ nothingburger. How freakin’ obnoxious can these people be? They didn’t care about the truth in the story, they only cared about dunking on and OWNING Trump … and they wonder why we call them ‘fake news.’

They own this.

And Greg Gutfeld isn’t about to let them worm out of it.

Kind of like when a small child breaks something expensive and acts shocked that it’s broken at all.

Except the kid would eventually figure out they were caught and apologize. We’re pretty sure CNN won’t be apologizing anytime soon for the part they played in this mess.

It was Greg’s fault! WE KNEW IT.

Should totally trademark this.

Look at that!


The other thing they’re doing is pretending Trump and the Right are trying to keep the report hidden so it can be edited.

Not even making that up.

And sadly their small audience will still be eating it up.


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