When even CNN is recognizing Kellyanne Conway you know she’s kicking a*s and taking names.

From CNN (yes seriously, CNN!):

Kellyanne Conway is a consistent figure in the otherwise revolving-door world of the Trump White House.

She is a survivor.

In an administration marked by chaos and turnover, Conway remains: relentlessly on message, reliably defending her boss, no matter what the circumstances. Fighting for President Donald Trump on television is valuable currency for a cable news-obsessed commander in chief. Yet Conway’s influence extends beyond her public profile. She wields more power than people realize in private as well, sources tell CNN.

Welp, color us surprised that CNN would not only recognize Conway’s role in the Trump administration but give her credit for being the badass she really is. Color us NOT surprised that Jessica Valenti and other rage-harpies on the Left lost their ever-loving minds over it.

Disgusting on so many levels … a woman making something of herself, truly breaking the glass ceiling, and being one of the most powerful, successful women in DC is disgusting? We’re not sure Jessica understands what the word ‘disgusting’ really means.

Oh FFS. Now she cares about babies?

Have we mentioned feminism is awful?

Thank goodness she did NOT do this all night.

But there were plenty of screechers on this thread:

Ummm, hello, this is pretty damn sexist.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we might actually hurt ourselves.

For the most part though, people just made fun of Jessica and the rest of the people on her thread who clearly need to smile more.


Well duh.

It’s ok though because Hillary is a Democrat or something.

We see what he did here.


Literally shaking.

Perfectly sums up third-wave feminism. Yup.