If you thought AOC was nutty about the Green New Deal you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet.

Watch this.

Whatever you do, don’t drink Beto’s Kool-Aid. Seriously.

We can’t decide if this is a Jonestown thing or if he reminds of that creepy old preacher in Poltergeist 2. The ‘ghost’ who yells at them through the screen door that they are all gonna diiiiiiiie? Maybe it’s a mix of both but YOWZA, this is nutty.

This is who they are, this is all they know. Fear. They realize they don’t really have any actual plans or policies so they pretend the world is ending but only if we don’t elect them and allow them to save us from ourselves.

Helluva racket, eh?

It worked for Obama.

More live footage of Beto’s speech on the Green New Deal.

Well duh.


He should send them each a thank you card. Yup.


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