If as a supposed Conservative you find yourself relying on a tweet or a story from Vox’s Aaron Rupar to somehow own Trump and his supporters, your Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially reached the dangerous stage 12.

And it’s at this point you should put the Twitter down and start on a daily regimen of increasing your fiber because you are FULL OF IT.

Mollie Hemingway set a few NeverTrumpers straight … maybe:

But a guy at Vox said so!

Holy crap, is everything stupid or what?

Mollie continued.

One of the reasons Trump resonates with so many is because he is easy to understand and talks like most Americans. Sure, he can get on a tear and completely confuse us but at the end of the day, he’s not exactly difficult to follow and he doesn’t talk down to people.

Unlike most NeverTrumpers who can be very painful to follow and do nothing BUT talk down to people … but we digress.


Very fair point.

We gotchoo.


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