We cover a lot of bad takes.

Seriously bad.

Like horrible.

Some are so horrible even this editor wonders what happened to break the people tweeting the nonsense we cover, like this hot mess from Sady Doyle. Sady seems to think Conservatives only get upset about rape in a very strange context …

Nothing is quite as amusing as someone talking about Conservatives who is absolutely CLUELESS about them.

And by ‘amusing’ we mean, pathetic, annoying, and completely douchey.

Conservatives don’t think women are supposed to enjoy sex? Gosh, that’s news to this FEMALE EDITOR.


Because otherwise, they really don’t have any argument to make.

We’re guessing no, she has not.

Especially not any Conservative women.

That’s a big ol’ no.

But THE PATRIARCHY! White, straight men BAD!

Are we doing this right?

Hey, we made a very similar face.

Too funny!

We’ll be here all day waiting for her answer.

People like Sady need to believe their stereotypes, at the end of the day it’s their bread and butter.

Sad ain’t it?


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