Seems Pardes Seleh has decided she is not sorry for her original comments and is now tripling down on her original comments.


Apologizing for claiming anti-Semitism doesn’t exist was selling her soul?

You know what, we got nothin’.

We’re not entirely sure what her endgame is here but wow.


Pardes deleted her original tweet and apologized a good many times for having written it.

She also specifically apologized to @AG_Conservative as well:

Full disclosure, these two tweets from Pardes Seleh completely confused us. So much so that we had to check twice to make sure there was actually a blue check next to her name and that this wasn’t some gross troll impersonating her.

But nope.

Seems Pardes doesn’t believe anti-Semitism exists.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write the tweets.


Wow, Pardes, this was bad.

One of our favorites, @AG_Conservatives, had a few thoughts on her tweets:

But she’s tired of people looking for ways to extract hate and stuff.


He continued.

Maybe she missed that whole Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last year?

AG is sharing a screenshot of a similar conversation Pardes was having with Caleb Hull where she compared hurt feelings to racism. And we agree with AG, no one should promote this level of ignorance but we can sure as heck mock it.

We’re givers that way.

Made the same face.

This didn’t go over so hot, and sadly it garnered the support of the alt-right which has lost a good deal of steam since most people figured out they’re as insane as the fringe on the Left but still …


Just when you thought Twitter couldn’t get any grosser …


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