What fresh Hell is THIS?

No, we really don’t want to know why.

From Delish.com:

Wynkoop Brewing Co.’s Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout all started as an April Fools joke, until people (apparently?) started actually liking it. Now the brand offers an annual limited release, so it’s gotta have a fanbase. Roasted with barley, seven specialty grains, “steerian” golding hops, and obviously, bull testicles, the beer has a 7.2 ABV and a nice “meaty” flavor. Mmm. According to Best Products, the Denver-staple takes about six hours to brew and is stored for three to four weeks before it’s served up.

Full transparency, this editor has actually BEEN to Wynkoop but at the time there was no testicle-flavored beer.

And OMG everything is nutty.

Heh, see what we did there?


There has to be a ‘farm to table’ joke here, right?


Not it.

Why not?

Or on a dare, yup.

And we’re done here.


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