Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced early this morning that they would be doing a 15-city tour plus a 50-state campaign to promote the Green New Deal. Ok, the entire premise of the deal is cutting down on certain costs and activities, many of which are connected in some way to transportation.


So the idea of a 15-city tour where we’re pretty sure AOC won’t be using cow farts to propel herself and her team from city-to-city seems a tad bit ironic, doncha think?

Nothing like taking insanity on the road to make more people insane.

And using a bunch of fossil fuel to do it!

Hypocritical and INSANE.


True story, this editor giggled when she saw this.


Don’t give her any ideas.

DAMMIT. We’re fresh out of unicorns too! As long as the leprechaun supply is still there we should be good to go. Gotta have our leprechauns ya’ know.


This is doubly (triply?) hilarious because we just heard about how much AOC’s campaign spent on air travel versus her precious public transport in 2018.

And now they want to take the GND on the road.

The jokes literally (yes LITERALLY) write themselves.


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