So we get that Chelsea Handler is trying to virtue signal like she’s never virtue signaled before but do you think she realized the people who have really screwed up Black History Month are a bunch of Democrats in Virginia?

We can’t help but notice she is pretty vague about her dig at ‘white people’.

Forget that she’s missing the point that we shouldn’t have just one month where we celebrate diversity in this country but that it should just be a constant, an expectation in modern-day America but man, this tweet is just a hot mess.

Nothing like a white woman telling a bunch of white people they screwed up Black History Month.

This is only one of the many reasons we stopped covering her quite as much. Sure, we like to make fun of stupid people tweeting stupid things, but even we have our limits.

Gotta keep people divided, otherwise, what would she complain about?

She was too busy virtue signaling, duh.

The irony is probably lost on Chelsea.


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