There has been so much bad news about and for the Democrats, in the last couple of weeks that it’s easy to miss some of it in all the noise and by noise we mean most of the media running interference to help their pals on the Left. Luckily, Caleb Hull was good enough to sum things up for us all in one brutal tweet … and, of course, the perfect animated gif.

Way to go, Dems.

And wow, the Northam thing is such a huge mess. Republicans in the state of Virginia are going to have a heyday with the trifecta of trouble Democrats have created for themselves by electing Northam who has doubled and tripled down on making a fool of himself. Add to that Fairfax now has two accusers, and the attorney general also admitted to wearing blackface.

Talk about a gift to the GOP.

Then the Green New Deal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib … Dems have some real problems on their hands.

Ain’t it great?


All they had to do was not be crazy.

Thank goodness they couldn’t even manage that.


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