Have we mentioned how terrifying this woman is?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib really thinks like this …


Holy Hell.

Rep. Lee Zeldin called her out … again.

We wish we could say this is unreal but here we are and it’s very real.

People voted for this woman. Think about that.

Seeing this clip about Tlaib in our timeline led us to an ongoing thread about Tlaib by one of our favorites on Twitter, @AG_Conservative.

Thread started in January … and it’s just getting scarier as he continues to add to it.

Yes, the right-wing is just targeting her. It’s like she, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get their lame-ass talking points from the same place.

Because of course she did.

She also blathered on about how they were going to ‘impeach the mother f*cker’ but that’s another story.

She didn’t get elected to serve the people of Michigan. No no, she wanted to get elected to push her anti-Israel narrative.

Media aren’t covering her being a complete anti-Semite? Color us shocked.

We’re not holding our breath BUT we’ll keep reporting it.

Ugh, this woman.


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