Look! A friendly reminder from a BuzzFeed type who wants to shame people for celebrating a certain holiday if they’re not from the country that originally celebrates that holiday.

We can’t even make this crap up.

BuzzFeed is gonna BuzzFeed but COME ON.

Would someone please tell Kassy that celebrating a holiday isn’t cultural appropriation?

Aww, thanks for telling her, and true story.

Meanwhile, we have the situation in Virginia where Northam still hasn’t resigned for his blackface but hey, let’s make things even dumber by whining about people celebrating the Lunar New Year.

C’mon man, it’s for our own good.


Hey, as long as we’re keeping it friendly.

Because dude, this virtue isn’t going to signal itself.

Whoa boy.

This is going well, BuzzFeed.

Clever way of telling her to learn to code without tweeting it.

Sounds good to us!


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