You know it’s never a good thing when Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon team up to talk about evil, red baseball caps that say Make America Great Again. It’s seriously like they were trying to out-stupid one another with their garbage takes on these hats.


That grown freakin’ men are on television talking about whether or not Americans should be able to wear a HAT says so much about what is happening at CNN and none of it’s good. Add to it how NASTY Cuomo got with Newsbusters’ Nick Fondarcaro when he covered the segment and we’re talking a total fail.

Get bent, Cuomo.

And seriously, like he has ANY room lecturing anyone else about being a ‘sad example of needless division.’ He was on national television talking about whether or not free people should be able to wear a hat.

What a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.

From Newsbusters:

Once again, Cuomo’s version of history was divorced from reality. Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips’s objection to baking a wedding cake for a gay couple was rooted in his religious beliefs. Phillips had said numerous times in the past that if the couple wanted to buy other baked goods, he was happy to serve them. The Supreme Court had even upheld his stance, partially. A U.S. District Court recently ruled that he could sue the state of Colorado for anti-religious hostility.

And while Cuomo scoffed at the idea of making Trump supporters a “protected class,” in Washington, D.C. political beliefs were protected under the law. It’s illegal in DC to refuse service based on someone’s politics.

Moving on to defending the “appropriateness” of banning Trump supporters, he argued that the hat “triggered” people and was equivalent to wearing a shirt that said, “I hate black people.” “I think the more appropriate analogy to say is, if people were wearing shirts that said ‘I hate black people,’ would he be okay to say don’t come into my place with that,” he wondered.

Perhaps Cuomo should be angrier at himself than Newsbusters, just sayin’.


This was just SO CNN.


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