Ruh-roh, Planned Parenthood.

So much for that whole, ‘the videos were deceptively edited we’re not dead-baby-parts-selling ghouls without a soul’ talking point.

From the Washington Examiner:

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling that allows Texas to strip Planned Parenthood of its Medicaid funding.

The motion, which is tied to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s call to have Planned Parenthood removed as a qualified Medicaid provider following the release of several damning undercover videos, should come as a major blow to not just the abortion provider, but also the press.

The ruling shatters utterly the claim that the tapes, which feature Planned Parenthood associates discussing the processes by which organs from the remains of aborted children can be harvested and donated (for a fee), were “selectively edited.” It also affirms that Planned Parenthood associates did indeed circumvent legal and ethical guidelines in pursuit of harvesting human organs, all of this in direct contradiction to what the so-called women’s health organization and its eager defenders in the press claimed after the tapes were released in 2015.

Boo and YAH!

Wonder if that evil hag ever got her Lamborghini.


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