Reggie Singh, brother of Officer Ronil Singh who was murdered by an illegal immigrant, was in attendance today at a roundtable on border security with President Trump and the border patrol. He shared his moving story …


We’re not sure if there is a more powerful example of what is wrong with treating legal immigrants in the same manner as illegal immigrants. The Singhs are legal immigrants and they lost a member of their family to an illegal immigrant.

Which is probably why the Left is doing everything it can to bury this story.

‘No family should ever go through what we are going through. Whatever it takes to put a stop to it, our family supports it.’


And we kinda sorta love that Trump gave him a hug.

Oh, and if you needed a reminder of who the Singhs are:

Reggie breaks our heart.

Oh, and if you were wondering how our kind, generous, and loving friends on the Left reacted to this roundtable:


We’re not sure how Reggie telling his story is being exploited but ok.

Holy sh*t these people are gross.

But it’s the Right who are the racist and mean ones.


In a way they are addressing school shooting by looking at border security but it would take far too many large words to explain it and this gal would only end up completely confused so pass.

Nobody moves goalposts better than Democrats.



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