Remember – it’s not just federal employees who lose pay when their employer is shut down. Luckily for them, however, the government always opens back up, unlike people in the private sector who really and truly lose their jobs in a shutdown.

But hey, Wolf doesn’t think we all understand how much more tragic it is when this particular group of employees is being furloughed or working without pay.

If Democrats are really that concerned about federal employees being paid all they have to do is allocate funding for the wall. It is the simplest and easiest route to put these folks back to work.

Talk to them, Wolf.

Laura Ingraham had a thing or two to add to the conversation as well:

Well Trump wasn’t president THEN so Wolf wasn’t as concerned. Besides, when that happened under Obama it was Ted Cruz’s fault or something.

Shocking, right?

Fair point.

Employment is BOOMING in Trump’s economy … thank God.

Sorry, not sorry.


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