Chris Cillizza actually wrote a fairly decent piece about how ridiculous it was for Rep. Rashida Tlaib to come out swinging at Trump, infamously claiming they were going to ‘impeach the mother f*cker’.

We know, Hell musta froze over or something because we agree with someone from CNN.

From CNN:

But here’s the thing: What Tlaib did on Thursday night might feel good for Democrats. It might make them feel as though they are regaining some of the fire and the fight they lost when Trump won in 2016. But it almost certainly is the wrong strategy if Democrats want to beat Trump in 2020.


And of course, since Chris wasn’t fist-pumping over Rashida’s comment, the Left came after him … HOW DARE HE expect a grown woman who was elected by her constituents to act like an adult?

Actually predictable would have been Chris talking about how rad she was for acting like a raving lunatic.

We were surprised.


Yeah, maybe this guy does need to read it. Heh.

Right? Because CNN is totally all in for Trump.

We just rolled our eyes so far back in our heads that we might have done permanent damage.

And speaking of eye-rolling, Kirsten Powers dedicated an entire thread to explaining why and how Chris as wrong. Lucky him.

It’s never good when someone starts a tweet with the word, ‘Respectfully.’ That just means he or she is going to say some mean stuff.

This is whataboutism on steroids.


And to be perfectly honest, the only headlines we’ve seen that are even close to being ‘shrieking’ were ones WE wrote and even then we weren’t exactly shrieking about her … more like dragging her.

Think she meant ‘couldn’t care less.’

And again, not seeing much from the religious right either.

Because the media loves Trump so much.

Holy Hell, this was a bucket of stupid, right?

Winner winner chicken dinner.


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