This editor likes to think that somewhere up there Jim Henson is laughing his a*s off over the idea of Grover dropping the f-bomb.

Because truth be told, this editor hee-hawed like a teenager when she watched the video …

We absolutely hear the f-bomb, do you?

This is another one of those Yannie/Laurel things right? Blue dress gold dress? Because after watching this video we do NOT hear the f-bomb.

How 2017.

From Entertainment Weekly:

You either hear “that a f—ing excellent idea!” or merely “that sounds like an excellent idea.”

There’s a lengthy debate raging over the matter on Reddit and on Twitter.

“My 4-year-old just ran over and said, ‘That’s Grover saying bad words,’” one user claimed.

Are we bad kids if this makes us like Grover even more? Asking for a friend.

Join the club.

This editor totally hears the f-bomb.

(that figures)



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