As Twitchy reported, yesterday Mika Brzezinski said Mike Pompeo is ‘just a wannabe-dictator’s butt boy’ (SAY WHAT?!), and then this morning Mika was mysteriously missing from her Morning Joe co-hosting gig.

Things that make you go, ‘Hrmmmm …’:

Sounds like they’re claiming it was due to a long-planned family event.

From the Washington Examiner:

“ Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski was absent from the show Thursday morning, one day after she called Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a “wannabe dictator’s butt boy.”

“Mika has the day off with her family — a long-planned family event, which she’s sorry she’s not here because we are going to be talking about baseball most of the morning,” Brzezinski’s co-host Joe Scarborough said Thursday morning. “She’ll be back with us tomorrow.”

Yeah. Sure.

Tell us another one, Joe.

It’s possible.

It was preeeetty bad.

If a right-wing talking head had said this he or she would be on a permanent vacation but hey … what do we know.

We shall see.


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