Maybe Chris Cuomo missed it, but Republicans have been trying to fight election fraud for YEARS with this simple little solution called Voter ID. But you know, Democrats don’t like the idea of someone having to prove who they legally are before voting in our elections so they call Republicans racists, sexists, bigots, or whatever ‘ist’ makes their base all frothy these days when they bring it up.

C’mon Fredo, really?

Awww ok.

If you say so, Chris.

You know that face you make when you taste something really sour but you don’t want to embarrass yourself by spitting it out so you power through it? Yup, just made that face.


Guess so.


Journos are almost as good as politicians at double speak. Yup.

Could be.

Haircut seems familiar.

Don’t look at us man, we just work here.

So wait, is this person saying EVERYONE is hypocritical?

Sounds legit.


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