Awww NARAL just keeps on keepin’ on when it comes to making women out to be victims when at the end of the day, in America they just aren’t. But hey, if NARAL admitted women are more than capable and successful whatever would they complain about? They need women to fail and struggle so they can pretend to save them.

Yeah, they’re repugnant.

Take a gander at this BS on the mythical wage gap for women …


Man, we really wish we could include the ‘clapping’ emoji when we write stories, then maybe more SJWs would realize we’re trying to speak their language.


Such bullsh*t. In fact, there are bulls out there who would take a look at this and say, ‘Wow, that’s a LOT of bullsh*t.’

Ashe Schow said it far better:



Of course, their tweet is a lie, they’re NARAL.

Hey now, watch it with that common sense, there will be NONE of that.


But groups like NARAL keep making it even LOWER, for effect ya’ know.

Because GIRL POWER or something.


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