Brian Stelter certainly spends a good deal of time whining about how mean Trump is to the media. Perhaps if the media stopped making it so easy for Trump to make fun of them he would stop, but then whatever would they write (whine) about?

Maybe Brian missed it, but the majority of their coverage is either complaining about how unfair Trump is to them or writing unfair crap about Trump. It’s a vicious cycle the media have created themselves.

For example, look at this:

Trump is right. Perhaps the best thing he has done as president (other than cutting our taxes) is showing us all how absolutely gross and biased most of the traditional media really are.

Erick Erickson made a far better point of this than we can:

See? The media have started seeing themselves as heroes fighting the president versus journalists reporting the news.

It’s pathetic if you think about it.

Pretty damn homely, yup.

Tater. That never gets old.

Talk about an oxymoron.

What he said.

The MSM all but got Trump elected … no wonder they’re so cranky.


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