Robert O’Rourke lost last night even though he raised more money than any other person who has ever run for the Senate. Hollywood dumped millions of dollars into his campaign hoping to beat Cruz … and Bob still lost.

T. Greg Doucette broke down the cost of each Beto vote in what turned into a fairly entertaining thread.


Holy INFLATION, Batman! The Left spent $20 per vote and they still couldn’t win in Texas.

What’s that old saying again? Oh yeah, don’t mess with Texas.

Annd let the shrieking begin:

Math is dishonest.


Doucette didn’t interpret the data, he just shared it.



Oh yeah, that tidbit. Apparently, the Left thinks the guy who has never won anything is who they should run against Trump in 2020. They’ve compared him to Obama, but the thing about Obama was he had at least won a race.

Ol’ Bob hasn’t won anything. *womp womp*

Beto raised the money.


That. ^

Math is so oppressive and stuff!

And Robert spent over 3x that amount per vote. Crazy.

They couldn’t deal with the numbers.


If you have to ask the answer is probably YES, yes they do.

Man, when you break it down like this, with cost per vote … this loss must REALLY hurt.

God bless Texas! 😉


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