According to ‘The Atlantic’, the Right cares more about voting than Left does.

Who knew all it would take to stop that big ol’ blue wave was a little rain?

So the only way conservatives do well is if it rains.


From The Atlantic:

These arbitrary weather conditions could shape politics for years to come, political researchers have found. Rainy days can depress voter turnout, discouraging people from going to the polls at all. And lousy weather may even lead a small number of voters to change their votes to more conservative candidates. Both of these effects consistently boost Republicans when elections happen to fall on rainy days.

The party knows it. Bob Hugin, running for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey, called the rain “Republican weather” on the eve of Tuesday’s vote. “This election is about who gets the vote out and who doesn’t, and I hope it rains hard tomorrow,” he told supporters.

Even the weather is against the Dems!

Sensing a water theme.

They’ll melt.

As polls continue to close across the country we shall see.

Tut, tut … it looks like rain.


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