Almost as if on cue, Barbra Streisand claimed she would move to Canada if Democrats are unable to flip the House … like anyone would really notice or care. But because Babs and others in Hollywood have been threatening this for years and years, no one really took her ‘promise’ seriously.

And Ben Shapiro knows exactly why these folks never leave the country as promised:

Funny how much the Hollywood elite like the Republicans’ tax cuts.

And have you guys ever noticed none of them ever threaten to move to Mexico? It’s always Canada.

Wonder why that is …

Hey, that’s what we said.

Agreed. *sniffs*

They realize America has made them richer and more powerful than any other country, they just like to complain and act like total drama queens.

Like Babs.


Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’.


He’s gonna BLOOOW! Rep. Eric Swalwell mentally BREAKS over Trump’s illegal immigrant ad and HOLY COW lol

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