As we grow nearer and nearer to the midterms (which honestly can’t happen soon enough), we are hearing more and more from a certain faction of disenchanted Republicans that the only way to save the party is to vote for Democrats.

Don’t make that face, we not insane enough to believe that, but they are saying it.

You know, those ex-Republican types who ditched the party, turned around and called everyone bigots and racists, and now can’t figure out why everyone is pissed at them. *cough Max Boot cough*

We found quite possibly the best thread ever on this topic, one that puts the self-important, smug, snide ‘ex-GOPers’ in their place:

Fat chance of finding a Democrat who supports any of that.


He’s right you know.

Preach! Amen! Eleventy!

Same here, and we regularly read Alyssa Milano’s timeline.

That. ^

Cripes, that IS terrifying.

Yeah, no thanks. We’ll stay impure if that means we can keep our tax cuts and more Americans are in the workforce. *shrug*

Can we get a Hell yeah?!


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