The new Halloween movie looks scary!

Leave it to Sabo to make it look even scarier though:

Heh. A freakin’ BILLBOARD.

Oh simmer down, it’s art.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

A billboard advertising the new Halloween movie opening Friday was altered after a street artist swapped out an image of serial killer Michael Myers and replaced it with one of Maxine Waters.

The gigantic billboard at Pico Boulevard in West Hollywood remains intact, only the congresswoman is now holding the sharp butcher knife in her right hand, looking ready to plunge it into an unsuspecting victim. The phrase “#Uncivil Democrats” has also been added.

Blumhouse and Universal are advertising the sequel to the 1978 classic slasher movie of the same title on several billboards in and around Hollywood, though in the dead of night a conservative artist known as Sabo hijacked one of them.

They called this hijacking a billboard.

Alrighty then.

Truly terrifying.

And after all, Halloween is only 12 days away!


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