Laurence Tribe seems cranky.

Ok, he’s not special.

Many on the Left seem a tad unhappy today. We know, it’s hard to tell considering they spend most days unhappy anyway, but today they seem especially fussy. Could it be that the Democrats’ ‘Hail Mary’ may have failed and Brett Kavanaugh could be confirmed to SCOTUS before the weekend is out?

For example, Larry wrote this tweet:

From the New York Times:

Mr. McConnell realizes the political risks, but the Supreme Court looms large with him. He has been nearly obsessed with the court since, while a young Senate staff member, he watched the Senate refuse to confirm not one, but two nominees of President Richard M. Nixon’s.

With all that he has at stake, Mr. McConnell’s allies expect him to give it his all.

Considering the majority of Americans believe Kavanaugh should be confirmed at this point …

And paging Bill Clinton.




Give us a break, Larry.

You have NO idea.

Or D. Stop tweeting.


WOKE Lindsey is our FAVE! Is it our imagination or did Lindsey Graham just slam a Kavanaugh protester with Monty Python?!

BOOMITY –> If there was EVER 1 tweet that PERFECTLY sums up the dumpster fire media has become over Kavanaugh it’s THIS 1

They REALLY tweeted that?! LOL! Senate Judiciary DROPS Dianne Feinstein, absolutely TRIGGERS the Left