Quotes can be inconvenient things, especially when they completely destroy your narrative against President Trump. Right Democrats?

See, Democrats have been pretending that Trump is trying to micromanage and manipulate the FBI investigation, even accusing him of capping the time they can spend on it. EVIL TRUMP still wants to hide something …

Except that’s not true, at all, and in fact, it is the Democrats who proposed limiting the FBI investigation. Hey, don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

Give ’em Hell, Orrin!

Huh, even Senator Mazie Hirono said seven days … that would be a week. Our favorite though is Chuck, ‘It will not take a tremendous amount of time.’

Democrats have become their own worst enemies.

Respectfully, he’s right.

This is beyond ridiculous at this point … we hope Mitch is being honest and they vote on Kavanaugh this week.



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