Gosh, maybe we’re old fashioned but if the Senate Judiciary was bending over backward to make sure we could testify about an incident involving Kavanaugh we thought was important enough to bring to the Senate’s attention we’d probably jump at the opportunity … it seems odd that Ford had demands around her testifying when she is the one who started this whole circus in the first place.

It was Ford’s list of demands that inspired #OtherFordHearingDemands on Twitter, and if any of these are real, this hearing could be a hoot.

Here are some of the best:


Or if he submits his answer in the form of a question.


But green M&Ms are the best.


Love bites … love bleeds.

Great, now that song will be stuck in our heads for the rest of the day.


Would be convenient for the mob.

This is gonna be LIT!

Don’t give them any ideas.

Def Leppard, hand puppets, poetry, and fire …

Are you listening, Chuck Grassley!? (ha!)


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