We have written SO MUCH about Brett Kavanaugh, from the original theatrics of Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker and Kamala Harris to the Hail Mary Dianne Feinstein threw last week with Ford’s allegations against the judge from high school.

And even though this is clearly THE story of the moment, even Twitchy editors need a break here and there from the crazy and this thread from Amanda Prestigiacomo is just that break.



Love this. So much.


Ok, who is cutting onions in here? Knock it off! *sniff sniff*


God is good.

That’s what happened.


Just the pro-life break WE needed.



That’s a BIG womp womp! HuffPost (yes, HuffPost!) poll spells TROUBLE for Ford’s credibility (and Democrats)

WHOA NELLY! Rumor has it info has been obtained that will 100% exonerate Kavanaugh (Feinstein set to apologize?)

Boo hoo HOO! Eric Swalwell makes an AS*HOLE of himself taunting Susan Collins for being threatened, DELETES it (we got it!)