Matthew Dowd seems to think that even if there is zero credible evidence against Kavanaugh we should condemn him based on one accusation from a woman who can’t remember where or when the event in question took place.

Wonder if Dowd would feel the same if some woman he didn’t know showed up from three decades ago and accused him of something like this?

Should we just believe her?

Larger justice.


Wonder if he feels the same about Keith Ellison’s accuser, Karen Monahan.

We looked to see if Dowd responded but it looks to us like he decided to subtweet anyone who disagreed with him instead because he’s brave like that.

Oh, well that fixes everything.

Dowd missed the point. People want evidence before they throw all in and decide Kavanaugh’s life should be ruined. That’s it. And considering Ford has refused to respond to Grassley … c’mon.


Womp womp.

Having a vagina doesn’t automatically make someone more believable.


Wow. That’s SERIOUSLY bad. Ha!


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