Common decency tells us there is never an appropriate event to compare to the Holocaust … so don’t do it. Honestly, if you can’t make your point without exploiting one of the worst tragedies in the history of this WORLD then you really don’t have much of a point to make in the first place.

Only Jennifer Rubin could find a way to compare Donald Trump to a Holocaust denier.

Killing the people twice …

This was just really gross.

And really nasty.

We keep pointing this out to our friends in the Resistance, that the crazier they behave the more likely Trump is to get re-elected but they never listen.

But of course!

But Trump.

Forget the millions of bottles of water that are still sitting on an airfield there … Trump let Puerto Ricans die because he hates brown people or something. And if he denies 3000 people died that makes him as evil as someone who denies the Holocaust.

Crazy. As. Hell.

Exploiting the Holocaust to own Trump.

Classy, Jennifer.


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