We get it.

The Left REALLY wants to believe the anonymous coward behind the New York Times op-ed is some high-level, super-important, well-connected undercover member of the Resistance (some are claiming it’s Pence, HA!) but even Hillary’s campaign communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, is poopooing that idea.

See for yourself.

It’s probably someone we’ve never heard of before.

And you know, considering who she worked for, that she would admit this is pretty telling.

Likely another nothing-burger and once again the media turns out to be the boy who cried wolf.


Could be a janitor’s assistant.

In other words, put up or shut up.

We knew it!


Actually, it was Colonel Mustard in the copy room with the tablet.

Hey, it’s as believable as anything else out there.

Don’t judge.


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