As the first caveman who ever stepped in a pile of dinosaur crap ever said, ‘What is this sh*t?’


We thought surely no one could outdo Cory’s own DERP today, but good ol’ Chris Cillizza stepped up and did his part.

Thanks, Chris.


From CNN (sorry!):

Booker knows that one of the biggest complaints from that base about the 2016 election was that Hillary Clinton simply played too nice with Trump. She and her campaign tried to stay within the established rules of a campaign. Trump refused to even acknowledge there were any rules. Clinton, in the mind of the Democratic base, was fighting with one hand tied behind her back. She would never “go there” on Trump because she and her team believed that getting down in the mud with Trump was a losing proposition — not to mention those sorts of tactics might do real damage to the health of our political process.

Even Chris admits it’s all posturing, although he’s pretending it’s a good thing.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

He’s a Democrat, nothing sticks to them.

Except for lobbyist money.

Naw. Never.

Something like that.


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