Seems The Onion is starting to report more and more like traditional media; poor CNN, if they’re careful The Onion may well put them out of business.

Take for example this story on Obama and the issues they’re facing in his home state of Illinois.

The headline/tweet is so good in fact that the Onion didn’t even bother with a story.

Must be nice.


Oh, and if you’re curious, the man in this picture is actually NOT Obama (ha!) but J.B. Pritzer, who is apparently a billionaire and a Democrat who’s running for governor. There the Dems go again, running old, rich, white MEN. Such a winning solution in 2018.

Nah, there are plenty of other states running Democrats who are old, rich, white men.

It’s sort of become the Democrat’s THING.


Sounds like trouble in Democrat-ville, tee hee!

Is their enduring and unending love and admiration starting to fade for their Messiah?



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