Michael Skolnik listed a whole bunch of so-called ‘journalists’ he wants to thank on the #FreePress tag and while the list totally reads like a who’s who of people Twitchy makes fun of (he even included Jorge Ramos!), we can’t help but notice he left out one lil tater.

So many journos and yet … one is missing.

Where’s Brian Stelter?

EL OH EL. Dude, even Mika got listed.

Huh, still missing.

Chris Hayes. Alrighty then.

Still no mention of Brian Stelter, sad. And what makes this even more hilarious is how much Bri has been pushing this tag like it’s the most important tag EVER in the history of Twitter tags, and he’s not even mentioned here.

Oh, there we go.

Shew, we were getting worried there for a minute.

Something like that.


Hey, if he wants to thank them for pushing a narrative he agrees with that’s his prerogative. But let’s not pretend any of them are real journalists …


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