CNN is busting Trump’s chops for treating the incident where a vehicle was driven into a barricade outside of Parliament as an act of terror.

The trouble with this tweet and story though is that even the Associated Press is reporting the police in London are treating the crash as a terrorist incident … so, CNN is dumb.

From AP News:

Police say they are lifting cordons that had sealed off much of London’s Westminster government district after a car crashed into Parliament, injuring three people.

The Metropolitan Police force says cordons are being lifted apart from a stretch of road around the scene of Tuesday morning’s crash.

A man in his 20s has been arrested. Police say they are investigating the incident as terrorism but have not determined the driver’s motive.

Forensics officers in coveralls can be seen collecting evidence from the silver car, which plowed into pedestrians and cyclists before striking a barrier outside Parliament.

CNN just so badly wanted to attack Trump.


And killing their ratings.


CNN truly is their own worst enemy.


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