Poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s gone from being just a girl to being just a human, and she works and she slaves and what thanks does she get?

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we might actually do some real damage to them.

Check this out.

Oh woe is her.

OR better yet, learn a thing or two about the economic gibberish you’re trying to push on Americans, Alexandria. We know, totally crazy thinking that perhaps she would try and understand exactly what socialism is and the real havoc it can create for a country.

But you know, she’s all bumper sticker and no substance:

You know that face you make when the really, really, really old lady at the front of the long line at Target has a bunch of coupons she wants to argue with the cashier about? Yeah, just made that face.

Unjust adversity.

Holy crap.

Seriously. It’s not personal. She’s just selling snake oil and most Americans know better than to buy it.

We’re honestly surprised she didn’t pull something with the amount of back-patting she’s doing.

Excuse us but we were told there’d be no math.

Ha! We see what he did there.


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