Last week, Twitter tried to ‘set the record straight’ on whether or not they’re shadow banning Conservatives by explaining HOW they’re actually shadow banning Conservatives.

No seriously.

They literally explained what a shadow ban is by telling people how they are limiting the reach of some accounts and how it’s not a bad thing because all you have to do to see their tweets is look at their timelines.

Forget that this completely keeps these same people from being seen in the main timeline and ultimately makes them invisible on Twitter … somehow this is Jack and the gang doing us all a favor by deciding what we do and don’t see on their platform.

Which sucks.

The Babylon Bee summed it up perfectly with ‘satire’:


We’d believe this far more than the bullsh*t they spewed about how they’re not silencing political ideas they disagree with.


BTW, the red ‘X’ next to a name is someone who is in some way or another limited on Twitter.

He’s not, really.

Maybe a little bit. Heh.

It basically is true.



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