That’s the key word here, folks, one Seth Ambramson seems to misunderstand.

We looked it up for Seth because we’re nice that way:

Circumstantial: pointing indirectly toward someone’s guilt but not conclusively proving it.

So in other words, it’s all bullsh*t. But look how excited he is about it!

Compelling bullsh*t.

Well, that changes everything.

Not exactly, Seth.

But nice try.

Poor guy, he still thinks that this will magically make Hillary president.

So we’re trying to get this straight. Seth is claiming Russians changed votes … in Georgia.

Because you know, Russia has YUGE interest in Georgia.


It’s only compelling if you WANT TO BELIEVE it as badly as Seth does.

Because like other progressives, Seth is desperate to believe Trump DIDN’T actually win.

But he did.

Sorry kids.

Hey, let’s just go with paper ballots and Voter ID for everyone from now on? Sound good?


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