Every time Trump says or does something that makes us cringe (and yesterday was ONE of those times), the Left seems to magically do or say something else equally as cringe-worthy if not more so.

Before we could even wrap our heads around what Trump had actually said at the presser there were idiots on the Left screaming about treason; one representative was babbling about our military and telling them our Commander in Chief was in the hands of the enemy.

Seriously, only 2018 Lefties could have made Trump’s presser seem not quite as bad with their crazy:

Brit NAILED it.

Brennan could have simply said, ‘This presser was troubling, there is much for Trump to answer for,’ along those lines and we’d still be talking about the presser. Instead, the yahoo wrote that tweet and today we’re making fun of him and the Resistance.

It’s almost like they want to bail Trump out.

Trump screws up.

A lot.

But the Left is freakin’ unhinged.

You can say that again.

Oh, and add Hillary to that mix.


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