The moment Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh this editor immediately prayed for him and his family because she knew the Left would stop at nothing to try and hurt them. Their hatred of the president is such that they simply can’t help themselves.

Add to the mix that he’s a Catholic … and you get this:

From CNN:

Judicial nominees these days are loath to answer how they’d vote on cases or how they feel generally about issues, especially abortion, which is growing into a key issue of Kavanaugh’s nomination since he’ll be replacing Kennedy, who was long viewed as a key swing vote protecting the Roe v. Wade legal precedent.

The public at large (57%) supported legal abortion in a 2017 Pew survey, saying it should be legal in all or most cases. Catholics were less supportive, but still a majority (53%) said at the time it should be legal.

It’s seriously like all the Left cares about, the only issue that matters is abortion. Which is actually funny in a way because many people who are pro-life AREN’T religious anyway. Imagine the noise the Left would make if someone wrote a piece like this about Islam.

It’s a PLOT!

HA! True story.

Umm … it’s CNN?

Sad, ain’t it?

Wait, you mean it’s not a plot?


Don’t give them any ideas.

We find ourselves saying this, every day.


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